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A Fellowship in Hepatology is a specialized postgraduate medical training program designed to provide in-depth knowledge and practical experience in the field of hepatology, which focuses on the study and treatment of liver diseases. Here are key aspects you may want to include when providing information about a Fellowship in Hepatology

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A Fellowship in Hepatology is like an advanced training program for doctors who want to specialize in liver diseases. Here’s what it’s all about:

Program Length and Setup:

The fellowship lasts from one to three years. During this time, doctors go through a structured program that includes working with patients, doing research, and attending classes.

Working with Patients:

Fellows get hands-on experience by working in liver clinics and with patients who need liver transplants. They learn how to diagnose liver problems and take care of patients with different liver diseases. 

Doing Research:

Fellows also get a chance to do research related to liver diseases. This might involve studying new treatments or understanding how liver problems develop. Research helps them learn more and improve how liver diseases are treated. Read More


Understanding the structure and function of the liver, including its lobular organization, blood supply, and bile duct system

Assessing liver problems involves asking about symptoms, medications, and risks. A doctor checks for signs like yellow skin or swelling. Blood tests check liver health and viruses. Scans like ultrasound look at the liver. Different experts work together to find the problem and treat it.

Clinical consequence of Liver Disease

Toxin Mediated Liver Injury

Liver disease due to infectious agent

Other liver disease

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Course Eligibility


Course Duration:- 12 Months

Books:- Library Access 

Key Features

  • Strengthen your practical approach through case-based learning.
  • Imparts an in-depth understanding of macro- and microvascular complications.
  • A 1-month contact program under the supervision of field experts in a reputed hospital

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