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Course Description

Fellow of National Board in Fetal Radiology is a doctoral fellowship program for doctors. This course is done after completing the postgraduate medical degree course. The Duration of this FNB in Fetal Radiology is 2 Years. It is a rapidly evolving niche area which integrates preventive, clinical and Interventional Radiology.

The Quality of Fetal Diagnosis Training Program depends on the technical skills, interpretive skills and communication skills for the optimal outcomes. We Completely aim to provide the basic principles of Fetal Radiologist that will help you to adapt the new developments of the area.

What you will Learn in Fetal Doppler Radiology?

In this Fetal Doppler Radiology you will learn:

  • Date the Pregnancy
  • Identify the Number of Fetuses
  • Assess the Viability of Pregnancy
  • Identifying the Pregnancy in Unknown Locations and Ectopic Pregnancy
  • Independently assess the Pregnant Woman using Ultrasound and providing appropriate report for further assessments.
  • Female Reproductive System Radiology
  • Pre-Conception Care
  • Knowledge of Fetal Interventional Radiology
  • Knowledge of Post Natal Radiology including Neonatal Radiology and Development Radiology
  • Setting Up a Fetal Radiology Clinic 
  • Understanding Basic Clinical Practice Ethics
  • Understanding Practice Basic Communication with different Stakeholders
  • Critically Evaluate published manuscripts 
  • Designing an do one Fetal Radiology research study independently
  • Submitting an Original Research Paper and Case report for Publication

Key Features of Fetal MRI Radiology

One-on-One Mentoring, individual will interact and give feedback with mentors directly

In this Fetal MRI Radiology program, you will interact with appropriate multidisciplinary teams

Clinical Risk Prediction Algorithms

Exposure to Multimodality fetal Imaging

Here are some Highlights of the Fetal Ultrasound Training:

  • We will give you exposure to the Color Doppler Studies, Abdominal Ultrasound, Liver Elastography, and Small Parts Ultrasound
  • 70% of the Fetal Radiology Course includes hands-on skill enhancement
  • 40% of the course will be supervised assessments and 60% will be independent assessments
  • Candidates should be the member of IRIA
  • Candidate who want to complete Fetal Sonography Programme must be registered with the TMC
  • Candidates must have the permission to practice clinical medicine in India
  • Fetal Structure Studies
  • Fetal Growth Studies 
  • Using of appropriate clinical risk algorithms
  • Fetal Environment Studies
  • Appropriate Recommendation of Childbirth Plans

The Fetal Diagnosis Training Program is a mixture of lectures and combination of self-explanatory videos, documents, notes, and some other reading material which is available 24×7. A phased approach to the Fetal Radiology assessments will include supervised assessment, observation and independent assessment, a logbook which have details of daily cases assessed.

Participant will learn through a combination of: 
  1. Technical and Interpretative skills with 50% Fetal Assessment
  2. Quiz in Fetal Radiology will be 20%
  3. 20% will be Submission of research Paper for Publications
  4. 10% will be of Logbook that details daily cases assessed

Duration of the Fetal Diagnosis Training Program will be One Year from the date of joining.

Students who will successfully complete this Fetal Genetics Training Program with a minimum aggregate of 70% will get a certificate of completion at the end of this Fellowship Fetal Genetics course. 

Fetal Radiology Fellowship


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